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[ti:whoa (mind in awe)]
[00:10.94]I was like oh-oh-oh
[00:35.60]Won’t look back on my mind
[00:38.75]Won’t let bad out my shine
[00:41.52]Won’t let you cloud my mind
[00:44.53]Won’t let you cloud my mind
[00:47.53]All my days, I was crying
[00:50.54]All my lows, all my highs
[00:53.56]Told my mom, I’m gon’ shine
[00:56.56]To my love, I’m gon’
[00:58.82]And I was like
[01:21.88]Oh, oh
[01:34.00]Oh, oh, oh
[01:58.85]And I was like
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