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This Not a Song “This For My Supporters” Lyrics Download by NBA Youngboy - Read, Copy & Download LRC or PDF file

Read, Copy, Download Simple Lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of This Not a Song “This For My Supporters” is a English song from the album "" and this song is sung by NBA Youngboy. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is [08:09.51]. You can also download lyrics here in PDF (.pdf) format.

Song Information
TitleThis Not a Song “This For My Supporters”
Singer/'sNBA Youngboy
CategoryNBA Youngboy
CreatorJun (LRC Software)
Published2022-12-04 17:32:54
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NBA Youngboy - This Not a Song “This For My Supporters” Lyrics

[ti:This Not a Song "This For My Supporters"]
[ar:NBA YoungBoy]
[00:00.70]Uh Xo (Simo Fre Just K!lled This)
[00:06.68]I'm Startin' To Think I'm Startin' To Think ****
[00:09.96]As I Start To Promote The Peace
[00:11.53]I Say "Stop The V!olence" I Think I'm Incitin' A R!ot
[00:14.96](D-Roc) If You Ain't Hear Me Clear My N!gga
[00:16.78]I Said "As I Start To Promote The Peace
[00:19.08]I Say "Stop The V!olence" I Think I'm Incitin' A R!ot"
[00:22.18]Ya Heard Me? Ahh Huh
[00:25.18]Youngin Tryna Put That Blick On Somethin' (Baow)
[00:26.46]Youngin Steady Tryna Hit At Somethin' (Boom Baow)
[00:28.02]I Been Tryna Tell Him Not To Do It Youngin
[00:29.77]And These Pu$$y N!ggas Gon' Tell Up On Me
[00:31.56]I Feel Yo' Pain My Slime Just Trust Me And I Could Get You
[00:36.16]Through The Rain My Five Yeah I Know You Know They Want To K!ll Me
[00:39.36]In Atlanta And Every City Out Here
[00:40.63]Pu$$y N!gga Gon' 'cause They Knowin' That I'm Out Here And I'm Gon' K!ll
[00:44.17]They Have To Learn That Hurtin' People Here Is Not The Way Now
[00:47.88]I Had To Learn My Ways Po!sonin' My Child
[00:50.85]Twelve Bodies And One Child Dead "Stop The Violence" What I F#ckin' Said
[00:53.54]You Don't Want Beef With Me I Ain't Even Tryna Bust Ya F#ckin' Head
[00:56.89]My City Not No Bad City No Mr. Government
[01:00.39]But It's The Holidays Everybody Broke
[01:01.86]So You Knowin' That's Why It's Trouble Sent
[01:03.53]I'm Rolls Royce Ridin' Please Don't Tell Me Who Said Somethin'
[01:06.79]I Notice I Ain't Ridin' God Forgive I Misled Some
[01:09.93]These Pu$$y N!ggas Ain't More Better Than Me
[01:11.84]I Count Up Twelve N!gga
[01:13.19]Now I Got To Change You Ain't Got Nothin' To Do I'm Goin' To Hell N!gga
[01:16.38]My Baby Mama Don't F#ck With Me No More Can't My Thug With Bro'nem No More
[01:20.02]Nightmare To Me I Ain't Wanna Drop A Bag 'cause
[01:21.52]Them Pu$$y N!ggas Bringin' Pressure And I Know
[01:23.30]But I Been Told You "Leave Them Streets Alone"
[01:24.83]And I Been Told You That We Both On
[01:26.38]Now You Wanna Let A Broke N!gga Drag You To Your Grave?
[01:28.19]I'm Sorry Now You On Your Own
[01:29.46]Havin' My Way That Stinky Ho Know That I'll Have Her Inside My Home
[01:32.82]Even Though My Girl Don't Like You B!tch
[01:34.08]If I F#ck With You That's The Time I'm On
[01:35.81]My Mama Know How I Cook It Down
[01:37.42]But Know I Ain't Leavin' This Journey I'm On
[01:39.05]I Ain't Never Confessin' But Know I Got Miss!onaries Sittin' Inside My Own
[01:42.34]I Done Did Hard Dr#gs I Done Seen Plenty K!llings Woah
[01:45.43]Now You Know I'm Not A Rapper I Ain't Even Rappin' Right Now
[01:47.62]I'm Just Talkin' To You Clear I'm Tryna Get You To See
[01:49.99]It's A Bigger Side Of Life Just Listen With Your Ears
[01:52.25]And Keep Your Eyes Peeled
[01:53.30]'cause It Ain't No Comin' Back Once You Get K!lled
[01:55.12]I Facetimed My Brother You See This Big "4L" On My Neck
[01:58.50]Pu$$y N!gga Had The Nerve To Text Me
[01:59.94]Back And Say "Who The F#ck Is This?" Now That's Cold Slime
[02:02.30]And You Know Where I'm At 'cause Big Brother
[02:03.85]F#ck With Them N!ggas And They H0es
[02:05.07]And I Already Know You Know How I Get Down Five
[02:07.37]And You Knowin' How I Role
[02:08.71]Ha I'm Tellin' N!gga I Say "Thank You"
[02:10.88]For Tellin' Me Save My Money Now I'm Strong
[02:13.22]I Got C-M#rder On My Phone Tellin' Me When He Get Home He Gon'
[02:17.31]Protect Me From The Edge Of My Bed With A K
[02:19.10]'cause These N!ggas Want Me Gone
[02:20.36]Youngin Tryna Put That Blick On Somethin' (Baow)
[02:21.87]Youngin Steady Tryna Hit At Somethin' (Boom Baow)
[02:23.46]I Been Tryna Tell Him Not To Do It Youngin
[02:24.92]These Pu$$y N!ggas Gon' Tell Up On Me
[02:26.77]I Feel Yo' Pain My Slime
[02:29.58]Just Trust Me And I Could Get You Through The Rain My Friend
[02:32.69]I Know You Feel Like The Devil Reachin' For You (Ooh Ooh)
[02:39.78]But I Got You My N!gga
[02:41.60]I'm Gon' Lead You I Got You I Got You My N!gga
[02:44.74]Protect You From All This Evil
[02:46.46]Know You Listenin' To This Song Right Now
[02:47.70]I'm On Side You Inside Your Home Right Now
[02:49.43]With My Chrome Out And I'm Facin' Every Devil Comin' Your Way
[02:52.51]I'ma Burn That B!tch Straight In His Face
[02:54.39]And Tell Them People I Say "MotherF#ck What They Say"
[02:56.70]Better Not F#ck Up My Nails Better Not Play
[02:59.09]I Don't Play At All My N!gga No
[03:00.93]Know I'll Knock 'em Down My N!gga Baow
[03:02.46]But That's What They Want Us To Do
[03:03.47]I Ain't Finna Be Out Here K!llin' My Own Kind
[03:05.67]Shawty Whole Family Evil And They Controlled By The F#ckin' Money
[03:08.79]But I Come From Nothin' And For That Right Reason
[03:10.29]I Don't Give A F#ck 'bout Goin' Back To Nothin'
[03:12.08]And It Heart My Heart That Kanye Let Them People Break His Soul
[03:14.97]How The F#ck That Go? N!gga Stay In Yo' Home!
[03:16.84]N!gga Hold Your Ground! You Strong!
[03:18.38]I Ain't Preachin' No Evil But For The Right Reason I Can Teach Ya
[03:21.00]How To Load Up And Knock These N!ggas Down
[03:23.16]You Can Belive That My N!gga Damn I Finally Made It To This Day
[03:26.58]Now I'm Here To Say "I'm Finna Get Married In A Couple Days"
[03:28.91]And I Look To The Sky And I Say "Thank You Lord"
[03:30.92]Shawty Say He Gon' Boom Me On Camera
[03:32.73]And I Ain't Got No More Fight Inside My Heart
[03:34.48]So If You Runnin' To Me I'm Just Gon' Let It Go I Ain't Scared My Boy
[03:37.33]I'm Overdue Anyway Why You Think That Boy From My City
[03:40.00]Who Y'all Think M#rder Man Wanna Down
[03:41.78]A N!gga 'bout The Pain On Top My Face?
[03:43.53]It's Really A Money Thing That N!gga Mad That I'm Holdin'
[03:46.15]That N!gga Mad That I'm Chosen And He Livin'
[03:47.91]His Whole Life And I Passed That B!tch Up
[03:49.90]Uh You Hatin' B!tch I See You Out Here Misleadin' Them Kids
[03:52.75]When You Ain't Never Had A Fight
[03:53.97]In Your Life Or Had A Fight With A N!gga 'til You Learned
[03:56.07]Ain't No More Of You N!ggas Got A Fight
[03:57.91]Huh? You A B!tch N!gga And I Mean That
[04:01.19]You Can K!ll Me I Don't Wanna Do You Nothin' Slime
[04:02.97]I Done Seen Plenty K!llings Almost Lost My Soul Slung Out On Dope
[04:06.39]Respect For Many Women Sad To Say That Most These B!tches H0es
[04:09.29]You Better Not B!tch You Gon' Get Kicked Up Out This Home
[04:12.66]You Ain't F#ckin' With No F#ck N!gga
[04:14.21]B!tch You Know I'm The Realest One Yeah
[04:15.73]I Know They Gon' Try To Switch Up My Words
[04:17.57]Man Tell That Girl Let's Do A Song I'm Wide Awake And I'm Glad To Say
[04:20.68]She Doin' Better Than H0es I Had Around
[04:22.50]I Pass Out Hundred Thousands Through The Day
[04:23.85]B!tch You Can't Say I Don't Hold It Down
[04:25.35]Tell The Shaderoom I'ma Sue You B!tches
[04:27.15]Talkin' 'bout "Youngboy Said:" You're Dead Wrong
[04:29.23]You're Dead Wrong B!tch You Ain't See Me Come From My Page And Said Nothin'
[04:33.26]And You Say "Youngboy Said" You're Dead Wrong
[04:35.61]Ya Heard Me? You Stanky B!tch You Hatin' B!tch
[04:40.48]You Wanna Post Sh!t 'bout Black People All Day
[04:43.22]B!tch Don't Post Nothin' Positive You Dirty Ho
[04:46.88]And Whoever You Is Behind That B!tch Hidin' Your Face N!gga F#ck You
[04:51.02]Ya Heard Me? This The Slime Believe That
[04:54.17]I'm Strong N!gga I'm Strong XO One More Time For All The Real N!ggas
[05:00.71]And All And All The Trill B!tches Ya Heard Me?
[05:02.88]And All The Kids Who Really Who Really Need To Hear What I'm Sayin'
[05:06.60]Youngin Tryna Put That Blick On Somethin' (Baow)
[05:08.22]Youngin Steady Tryna Hit At Somethin' (Boom Baow)
[05:09.84]I Been Tryna Tell Him Not To Do It Youngin
[05:11.49]These Pu$$y N!ggas Gon' Tell Up On Me
[05:13.11]I Feel Yo' Pain My Slime Just Trust Me And
[05:16.88]I Could Get You Through The Rain My Friend
[05:21.31]Hold On Oh Child Huh You Got To Understand
[05:27.90]Everybody Ayy Everybody Whoever Man Whoever In Your Face
[05:31.42]Just Remember Everybody Got Flaws My N!gga Ya Heard Me?
[05:35.13]Don't Let These B!tch A$$ N!ggas Tell You
[05:36.88]What No Real Gangster Is Ya Heard Me? For The F#ck You All Lose Your Life?
[05:40.35]Man These B!tch-A$$ N!ggas Don't Know What It
[05:42.35]Don't Know What It Mean To Fight 'til Neither One Of These N!ggas
[05:45.30]Got No More Fight In Them You Heard Me?
[05:47.04]You Are The N!gga That You Fightin'
[05:48.69]I'm Talkin' 'bout Ayy It's It's Serious Like That You Heard Me?
[05:51.61]Them B!tch-A$$ N!ggas Don't Know What It Mean To Fight
[05:53.83]Until He Ain't Got No Fight Left In Him
[05:56.42]Or The N!gga He Fightin' Don't Got
[05:57.35]No More Fight Left In Him Slime Hm These B!tch-A$$ N!ggas Ain't
[06:00.83]Never Slung That Iron Theyselves Slime
[06:03.46]I'm Tryna Tell You Bro These N!ggas B!tches Man
[06:08.50]You Could Belive That Man And I'm With You
[06:10.92]I'm On Side You Right Now I'm On Side You In Your Hellcat My N!gga
[06:15.18]Whatever You In I'm On Side You In Your Bucket While You Thuggin'
[06:18.01]You Heard Me? I'm On Side You In Your Home
[06:20.15]A Nd I Got My Chrome Out And I'm Layin' Down Every Devil Come Around
[06:24.62]I'm Layin' I'm Down You Heard Me?
[06:26.24]You Ayy I'm Good For Ayy I'm Out That North B!tch I'm Good For Two
[06:29.27]I'm Good For Three You Can Count On Me
[06:31.71]N!gga Belive That I Got You I'm Gon' Protect You
[06:37.35]I Ain't Got Nobody To Help Me Right Now
[06:39.83]You Heard Me? Ayy But You See I'm Holdin' Up Huh?
[06:42.55]I Refuse To Be Broken My N!gga I Refuse To Be Broken Ayy
[06:46.35]I Got My Family Against Me Right Now
[06:48.33]I Got The Women That I Loved My Whole Life Ayy
[06:51.23]Through All My Trials And Tribulation Against Me Right Now My N!gga
[06:54.45]I Ain't Got Nobody With Me But Guess What
[06:57.69]I Could Believe That You With Me You Heard Me?
[06:59.82]Long As You Ain't Sittin' There Right Now
[07:00.90]Tryna Down A N!gga It's Gangster
[07:05.61]Hm And Xo I Told You This Ain't No Song B!tch
[07:09.01]You Gon' Have To If You Want Me To Stop Talkin'
[07:10.78]You Better End The Beat 'cause I Ain't Gon' Stop I Got A Lot To Preach
[07:14.51]These B!tches Hate YB Hm And They Gon' Hate You Too
[07:18.50]Hm They Gon' Hate You Too N!gga Comin' Through On Your Cool
[07:21.42]You Heard Me? When You Get Your Money Up You Heard Me?
[07:23.22]When You When You Wide Awoke Sittin' With This World
[07:25.69]And These People Tryna Do Us Huh Yeah
[07:30.84]I'm Groovy I Don't Need H0es Believe That And You Ain't Stoppin' That
[07:35.57]And You Ain't Makin' Me Change Myself You Heard Me?
[07:39.91]Huh You Can Ask Me 'bout My Face Paint
[07:42.81]You Can Ask Be 'bout Ayy You Can Ask Me 'bout These Nails
[07:45.41]You Can Ask Me Why They Painted 'cause
[07:46.35]Guess What I Did This To Myself And As I Put This On It Bring
[07:50.48]A Whole Other Level Of Nonchalant I Don't Give A F#ck
[07:55.53]And You Gon' Help Me Stop The V!olence
[07:57.85]And If You Don't You Gon' Take Your Fall
[08:00.17]'cause That Pu$$y A$$ Sh!t You Doin' Ain't Gon' Last Long
[08:03.57]Believe That Biggest Five N!gga

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Who is the singer of "This Not a Song “This For My Supporters”" song?

NBA Youngboy have sung the song "This Not a Song “This For My Supporters”".

Which album is 'This Not a Song “This For My Supporters”' song from?


In which language is 'This Not a Song “This For My Supporters”' song composed?

'This Not a Song “This For My Supporters”' song is composed in English language.

What is the official duration of 'This Not a Song “This For My Supporters”' song?

The official duration of 'This Not a Song “This For My Supporters”' is 08:09.51.

Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permision. This is only for your personal use.

Does this lrc file perfectly match with the official song?

Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e: +10.. or -10..).