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Starry 9 Lyrics Download by $UICIDEBOY$ - Read, Copy & Download LRC or PDF file

Read, Copy, Download Simple Lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of Starry 9 is a English song from the album "YIN YANG TAPES: Summer Season (1989-1990)" and this song is sung by $UICIDEBOY$. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is [02:39.00]. You can also download lyrics here in PDF (.pdf) format.

Song Information
TitleStarry 9
AlbumYIN YANG TAPES: Summer Season (1989-1990)
CreatorJun (LRC Software)
Published2023-05-14 17:05:54
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$UICIDEBOY$ - Starry 9 Lyrics

[ti:Starry 9]
[al:YIN YANG TAPES: Summer Season (1989-1990)]
[00:00.25](Play-, P- P- P-)
[00:00.56](Players never-)
[00:01.59](You did good, $lick)
[00:02.90](It's a smash!)
[00:24.91]Hoo, whoo
[00:25.64]Sha- Sha- Shawty said to stop gaslighting
[00:28.23]But I keep on lighting gas
[00:29.65]Puff a blunt, hit from the back (7th Ward)
[00:31.34]While I ash it on her ass (I- I- I- I-)
[00:32.92]I'm a nasty motherfucker (7th Ward)
[00:34.39]Long-lasting motherfucker
[00:36.14]Grab her hair and make her pussy drip (7th Ward)
[00:37.95]I'm splashing in a puddle
[00:39.19]Bla- Bla- Blanco been a pimp (Blanco, Blanco)
[00:40.65]No, I ain't never been a sucker (Blanco, Blanco)
[00:42.52]All these fuckboys on my dick (Blanco, Blanco)
[00:44.05]You would think that I'm their mother (Blanco, Blanco)
[00:46.45]The one and fucking only (Blanco, Blanco)
[00:47.15]No, there won't ever be another (Blanco, Blanco)
[00:48.90]Me and Wetto verse the world (Blanco, Blanco)
[00:50.26]I'll do whatever for my brother (Blanco, Blanco)
[00:52.06]Ta- Ta- Ta- Take one in the dome
[00:53.74]Make it count 'cuz I'ma shoot back (7th Ward)
[00:55.66]Pull up like a shadow
[00:56.88]Always got 'em asking, "Who's that?" (7th Ward)
[00:58.85]Blanco such a mystery
[01:00.28]I thought you bitches knew that (7th Ward)
[01:02.20]Why yo' mans such a liar?
[01:03.56]I swear he need a new cap (7th Ward)
[01:04.95]Two- Two- Two black hearses (Blanco)
[01:06.47]Peelin' off into the night sky (Blanco, Blanco, Blanco)
[01:08.40]Shit, I might cry (Blanco)
[01:09.58]Sittin' back thinking 'bout my life (Blanco, Blanco, Blanco)
[01:11.92]Let out a slight sigh (Blanco, Blanco)
[01:13.66]Shit always goin wrong (Blanco, Blanco)
[01:15.34]But I pop out on the right side (Blanco, Blanco, Blanco)
[01:17.30]Reppin' Five Nine (Blanco)
[01:20.73]I see them fuckboys steady talking
[01:22.55]But they never get specific (Northside)
[01:24.31]My pimpin' got her dripping
[01:25.69]Like she walked the whole Pacific (Northside)
[01:27.50]$ca- $carecrow be the mythic
[01:28.89]How I break the laws of physics (Northside)
[01:30.49]Cho- Cho- Choppa monolithic
[01:32.04]Paint your face like hieroglyphics (Northside)
[01:33.69]Bla- Bla- Bla-, Blanco busting roxies
[01:35.26]With the Amex with no limit
[01:37.55]I might rob my local clinic
[01:38.37]Now it's methadone for dinner
[01:40.08]Bla- Bla- Black coupé, Hearse Boy (Wet, Wet, Wet)
[01:42.00]Whip look like a cursed toy (Wet, Wet)
[01:43.62]Switch it up the next day (Wet)
[01:45.55]Pick a new one out the convoy (Wet, Wet, Wet)
[01:46.95]Sickest of the richest
[01:48.13]Told my bitch we need some bitches (Northside)
[01:49.68]Co- Co- Co-, Counting all these Benjis
[01:51.28]Got my brain fucked up and glitching (Northside)
[01:53.14]I- Itching off that fenty
[01:54.53]I made millions nodding off (Northside)
[01:56.05]Jean Wetto Basquiat
[01:57.56]$licky fugue it like he Bach (Northside)
[01:59.32]All my exes in the rearview (Wet, Wet)
[02:01.29]Looking for a take two (Wet, Wet)
[02:02.92]Breaking hoes' hearts (Wet, Wet)
[02:04.17]On occasions turn 'em gay too (Wet, Wet)
[02:05.91]That one you can't replace, boo (Wet, Wet)
[02:07.50]That pain up in your Swisher (Wet, Wet)
[02:09.13]Mo- Mo- Monet of the Grey (Wet)
[02:10.23]I up that K and paint a picture (Wet, Wet, Wet)
[02:12.91](Wet, 7th Ward)
[02:14.52](Wet, Wet)
[02:16.11](Wet, 7th Ward)
[02:17.67](Wet, Wet)
[02:19.16](Wet, 7th Ward)
[02:20.90](Wet, Wet)
[02:22.39](Wet, 7th Ward)
[02:24.14](Wet, Wet)
[02:25.71](Wet, Northside)
[02:27.25](Blanco, Blanco)
[02:28.95](Blanco, Northside)
[02:30.43](Blanco, Blanco)
[02:31.98](Blanco, Northside)
[02:33.63](Blanco, Blanco)
[02:35.31](Blanco, Northside)

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Who is the singer of "Starry 9" song?

$UICIDEBOY$ have sung the song "Starry 9".

Which album is 'Starry 9' song from?

YIN YANG TAPES: Summer Season (1989-1990).

In which language is 'Starry 9' song composed?

'Starry 9' song is composed in English language.

What is the official duration of 'Starry 9' song?

The official duration of 'Starry 9' is 02:39.00.

Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permision. This is only for your personal use.

Does this lrc file perfectly match with the official song?

Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e: +10.. or -10..).