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[ti:Sorry 4 What? // LV BELT]
[ar:Tory Lanez]
[al:Sorry 4 What]
[00:15.94]I’m not tryna be here for a long time
[00:19.65]Just, just a good, good time
[00:23.67]I got a lot of shit weighin’ on my mind
[00:28.40]Weighin’ on my mind
[00:31.34]So fuckin’ serious, you niggas delirious
[00:35.40]Said it with exclamation, but niggas can’t fuck with me, period
[00:42.67]Bitch, right off the bat, I need y’all to flex
[00:45.68]All of this stuntin’ look good for my ex
[00:47.53]All of these zeros look good on my checks
[00:49.63]I got like two or three phones for business and bitches
[00:51.88]And still can’t even answer a text
[00:54.46]Yeah, we in the spot, we gon’ give it a rest
[00:57.02]They be sayin’ that a nigga, don’t catch him ’til you, nigga
[00:59.57]It ain’t caught up to me yet
[01:01.90]I hit the road, I look like the mail
[01:04.06]Countin’ up 50’s and 20’s and tens
[01:05.80]I’m out of state, they give me a ten
[01:10.07]Ballin’ again, again, again, again, again
[01:13.33]Ballin’ again, again, again, again, again
[01:17.56]That was the plan again, bitch, I’m the man again
[01:19.36]Walk out of Louis, it look like a mannequin
[01:21.21]All the store management wanna know
[01:22.49]How much I spend, I spend, yeah
[01:25.03]I done fucked with her, she fiesty
[01:26.12]All of the niggas that’s with me are shiesty
[01:28.17]This the real reason these niggas don’t like me, yeah
[01:30.52]I gotta win, I gotta hit from the back when it’s pricy
[01:33.43]I gotta fly the choppers to side sea
[01:35.34]She wanna fuck with a R&B singer
[01:37.03]I hit her, I ducked her, I sent her to nice B
[01:39.39]I’m on the road, like the motherfuckin’ dice be
[01:41.39]I’m catchin’ pussy like I’m Jerry Rice
[01:42.99]I’m catchin’ pussy like it was a flight
[01:44.86]I’m in your city, what’s up for the night?
[01:46.56]I, I’ve had way too much to drink, you know, I
[01:51.03]1942, it ain’t on me, sing to five
[01:55.10]Ex callin’ up my phone, fuckin’ up the vibe
[01:58.14]Tonight’s not the night, tonight’s not the-
[02:02.42]Yeah, fuck that bitch, yeah
[02:06.40]Hop on the couch, yeah (yeah), take me a flick, yeah (uh)
[02:09.48]The Louis V belt, yeah (yeah), Louis V belt, yeah (uh)
[02:13.20]Fuck that bitch, yeah (yeah)
[02:15.34]I’m on the couch, yeah (yeah), take me a flick, yeah
[02:19.01]Louis V belt, yeah (yeah), Louis V belt, yeah
[02:23.07]Louis V belt, yeah (yeah), Louis V belt, yeah, Louis V belt, yeah
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