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[ti:Shoot My Shot]
[ar:Kevin Gates]
[00:00.86]What up, love? (What up, love?) How you doin’? I’m Kevin Be careful
[00:06.31]You go hard (And I’m ready) I don’t want anything, I was just comin’ to say hello (All this time)
[00:12.61](Dzo Beatz Production) Never entertainin’ the possibility of us ever bein’ anything
[00:17.69]Idea preconcieved, you will never fuck with somebody like me Woah, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
[00:25.18]My bad, babe, I had got excited Shit, I was [?] a street nigga, you heard?
[00:28.98](Bring that ass or move back, lil’ ho) I ain’t gonna lie, you know I fuck with no one like you
[00:31.80]You know you up in rank with it (Or move back lil’ ho)
[00:35.15]You lyin’ if you say you ain’t lovin’ on Brasi You judgin’ a book by the cover, be honest
[00:39.03]Condemn it ’cause you see yourself up inside it Secretively, wanna try it in private
[00:42.64]Secretively, wanna try it in private Fantasizin’ about two dicks inside your body
[00:48.64]She like how we supply it Can’t help but gettin’ excited (Oh)
[00:57.10]Would I be wrong, I wanna fuck you with one of my niggas
[01:00.60]And afterwards, I promise that I won’t look at you different
[01:03.93]Hit from the back, strokin’ you slow While he stickin’ his thumb in your ass, yeah
[01:07.55]Your mouth, I tongue kiss you That dick in your throat while I’m pullin’ your hair, yeah
[01:11.18]Switchin’ positions, you suckin’ his dick while I’m rubbin’ your clitoris
[01:14.33]I put the head in and go slow I ain’t had a real slut in so long
[01:17.94]Like a cowgirl, she rode In a rodeo, slow motion Titties jigglin’, dick soakin’
[01:23.41]Lil’ pussy got grip on it She come and let it drip on me Water faucet, she done pissed on it
[01:28.87]I’m strokin’, slow motion Strokin’, slow motion Hol’ on
[01:39.60]If all I really had Baby, was this time Would it really be that bad, if I want to shoot my shot? (Cartel boat)
[01:53.70]I put the dick on her like raw pipe And I knew I had to pipe down
[01:57.32]Feet hit the ceiling fans, 69 standin’ up, I got her upside down
[02:00.93]This my second attempt, the first time I went limp I had nut in her quick, embarrassin’
[02:04.82]I want some revenge, run it back one more game Walkin’ out of the gym, I got stamina
[02:08.58]Sex in the air, [?] Not to move fifty, you fuckin’ a gangsta
[02:12.30]We took a hike to the top of the mountain ride On for the trail, makin’ love on a blanket
[02:15.64]I had to show [?] Stretch you right back when I exit the stadium
[02:19.10]You tell me you love me ’cause I’m your lil’ baby Prayin’ that I make it back to you safely
[02:22.82]You tellin’ me that you impatiently waitin’ FaceTime on the plane, flight attendant complainin’
[02:26.44]Standin’ right here, lookin’ all in my face Give me kiss through the phone, I’ma call you later
[02:30.06]Yellow titties, you got beige nipples, I like it Go beach posin’ your pussy from Ohio ’til you inside again
[02:36.84]Woah, oh-oh, ooh-woah Woah, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh In that ass from the back, lil’ babe
[02:44.02]Woah, oh-oh, ooh-woah Woah, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh In that ass from the back, lil’ babe
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