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[ti:She Make It Clap Freestyle]
[ar:Tory Lanez]
[00:00.32]Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh (Fantom), Smokin’ on packs, preferably Black Leprachaun
[00:06.74]All of these hoes, they on my arm, All of these bitches, they know I’m a don
[00:10.72]Stuntin’ on the bitches come back to the 6s, I spit 3s like I’m playin’ with the 6s
[00:14.87]Bad bitch like she playin’ with the mixes, Bad bitches keep playin’ with my jig, uh
[00:19.12]Bad bitch wanna get on my Insta, I told the bitch to keep chillin’ and be quiet
[00:22.84]I got bad bitches tryna get by, Don’t chill for a nigga get violent
[00:27.09]I got bad bitches and they comin’ wildin’, Ayy, I see a motherfucker smilin’
[00:31.09]20,000 bad bitches on an island, 20,000 bad bitches goin’ private, emm
[00:35.33]She makе it clap, I got the strap, 21 gats, feel like I’m Savage
[00:39.31]21 bitchеs and none of them average, I’m gon’ fuck me tonight me a bad bitch
[00:43.29]I don’t give a fuck about niggas, I don’t give a fuck about hoes
[00:46.38]I don’t give a fuck ’bout your bros, I don’t give a fuck ’bout your toes
[00:49.22]Your hoes, your manicure, pedicure, toes (Fantom)
[00:51.40]I’m comin’ on the block with the rocks, 20 inch Glocks in my socks
[00:54.29]Niggas keep blowin’ that crazy ass shit, If I go to jail I’ma keep it locked in the sock
[00:58.17]I got that from Ken, all of my hoes, they spend, On me all at the mall, I’m bendin’ Benzes
[01:03.27]20 inches rims on my Enzos, Bitches is coming to the mall and they goin’ in frenzies
[01:07.59]Lookin’ at Tory, look at my story
[01:09.71]All of these bitches they look at me growin’ up fast like a nigga was 40
[01:13.17]I don’t even know what I’m sayin’ but tonight I’m ’bout to take y’all bitches and have me an orgy
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