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Rolling Stone Lyrics Download by Danny Brown, Petite Noir - Read, Copy & Download LRC or PDF file

Read, Copy, Download Simple Lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of Rolling Stone is a English song from the album "Atrocity Exhibition" and this song is sung by Danny Brown, Petite Noir. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is [03:47.98]. You can also download lyrics here in PDF (.pdf) format.

Song Information
TitleRolling Stone
Singer/'sDanny Brown, Petite Noir
AlbumAtrocity Exhibition
CategoryDanny Brown
CreatorJun (LRC Software)
Published2023-07-28 11:59:31
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Danny Brown, Petite Noir - Rolling Stone Lyrics

[ti:Rolling Stone]
[ar:Danny Brown, Petite Noir]
[al:Atrocity Exhibition]
[00:13.41]You know I'm living like a rolling stone
[00:16.80]But don't feel for me
[00:20.16]You know I'm in my zone
[00:23.62]So don't speak to me
[00:26.67]And in my mind I just feel so alone
[00:38.84]Just release me
[00:40.68]Feeling like I got money
[00:41.67]Know I'm just nigga rich
[00:43.42]Even if she fuck me
[00:45.14]I still know life a bitch
[00:46.75]Bought a nightmare, sold a dream
[00:48.46]Happiness went upstream
[00:49.97]Blame myself, I had no control
[00:51.87]Now I'm living with no soul
[00:53.95]I'm on a road that never ends
[00:55.34]Don't know opposite of sin
[00:56.71]Some people say I think too much
[00:58.41]I don't think they think enough
[01:00.90]Time rough but it got rougher
[01:01.76]Weight heavier up on my shoulders
[01:03.52]Living crooked 'til it's over
[01:05.16]Can't be straight, can't be sober
[01:06.87]Thought process so immature
[01:08.59]Can't make it up, up out the sewer
[01:10.29]Feeling like there's no hope
[01:11.96]Blaze dope, my mind float
[01:13.70]I love her, she love me
[01:15.43]Love ain't enough with no bucks
[01:16.98]Fucked up, that's the way it is
[01:18.71]I don't know who I should trust
[01:20.60]Riding around with the windows up
[01:22.14]Smoking like it's ten of us
[01:23.37]Just me in the back seat
[01:25.31]With the driver bumping them Isleys
[01:27.12]I'm walking on this long road
[01:31.30]Will I come back?
[01:32.41]Homie, I don't even really know
[01:33.95]You know I'm living like a rolling stone
[01:37.42]But don't feel for me
[01:39.68]You know I'm in my zone
[01:43.35]So don't speak to me
[01:47.22]And in my mind I just feel so alone
[01:59.30]Just release me
[02:01.37]Feeling like I'm not alive
[02:03.25]But I know I'm not dead
[02:04.10]Living lies but can't hide
[02:05.76]Deep inside, the truth dies
[02:07.72]Bought hope, can't get change
[02:09.26]Lost my brain, going insane
[02:11.10]Self-medicate is how I cope
[02:12.54]Leave my body, soul go afloat
[02:14.44]On a roll that never ends
[02:15.82]Don't know where I should begin
[02:17.45]Feeling trapped, no looking back
[02:19.19]Head first in that deep end
[02:21.60]Living like a rolling stone
[02:22.46]When I die, I leave alone
[02:24.23]Getting high, I feel low
[02:25.85]But we all know life goes on
[02:28.40]You know I'm living like a rolling stone
[02:31.10]But don't feel for me
[02:33.80]You know I'm in my zone
[02:38.00]So don't speak to me
[02:40.74]And in my mind I just feel so alone
[02:53.27]Just re-
[02:54.47]All that I know
[02:58.80]All that I know is to feel your shame
[03:08.13]'Cause you can't let go
[03:10.38]'Cause you can't let go, you drive me insane
[03:21.65]But will I ever find my way?
[03:26.70]Or go back to the beginning
[03:32.78]There's a thing that I know for sure

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Who is the singer of "Rolling Stone" song?

Danny Brown, Petite Noir have sung the song "Rolling Stone".

Which album is 'Rolling Stone' song from?

Atrocity Exhibition.

In which language is 'Rolling Stone' song composed?

'Rolling Stone' song is composed in English language.

What is the official duration of 'Rolling Stone' song?

The official duration of 'Rolling Stone' is 03:47.98.

Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permision. This is only for your personal use.

Does this lrc file perfectly match with the official song?

Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e: +10.. or -10..).