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[ar:Chris Brown (feat. Lil Wayne & BLEU)]
[00:20.05]When you love someone You can feel it in your bones Try to do what he ever did
[00:25.25]Set the tone I remember we was at war when I slept alone
[00:28.35]I wrote this shit for the most beautiful love that I ever known I was tryna bag you
[00:31.98]Sendin’ you signals like in your phones He tryna drag you
[00:34.53]Fucked up the feelings, left you alone But are you braggin’?
[00:37.19]You found a nigga you can count on Yeah, uh I wonder do your mama remember me
[00:43.56]She was talkin’ down on me, switchin’ your energies
[00:46.22]I got you fallin’ like when I leave her with synergies
[00:51.00]And I might get a little aggressive (Aggresive) Or I might get a little possessive
[00:56.20]But you know I got good intentions Ooh And even though you
[01:04.82]Play it very cool I know that you Yeah (Yeah, oh)
[01:11.41]Uh, okay This not a confession I’m kinda possessive Your body impressive
[01:15.31]Your time is too precious I treat it like a diamond and bezel
[01:17.86]I’m tryna Patek ya Ain’t tryna let ya out my protection I’m tryna caress ya
[01:21.34]These other niggas tryna correct ya I’m tryna just let you be you, baby
[01:24.60]I promise no pressure I honor your presence See you, act like I found me a treasure
[01:28.32]And time is of essence I want you to know mine is invested in our connection
[01:31.77]You interestin’, I’m interested I’m not with the flexin’ Especially when you out with your besties
[01:36.04]I gotta respect it I sit my ass down let you check me It’s honestly sexy
[01:39.67]You met me I was not what expected You mine until the end of time of possession
[01:42.95]And I might get a little aggressive Or I might get a little possessive
[01:48.42]But you know I got good intentions Good intentions
[01:53.81]And even though you, you play it very cool I know that you I know you want it
[02:04.97]I wouldn’t do the same with them I do to you (I wouldn’t)
[02:07.50]How come everythin’ I tell you end up in the news? They gon’ love you when you’re down, then no answer
[02:13.23]We gon’ keep that between me, God and you Your temper
[02:17.17]There’s somethin’ missin’, baby, couple screws (Couple screws)
[02:19.30]The money ain’t change a nigga, it’s changin’ you (Changin’ you)
[02:22.00]Parties be jumpin’, but at the same time I don’t want it if it ain’t you Oh, no
[02:28.17]I repeat the same old patterns at night (Ooh)
[02:33.18]That one moment that we shared, I want it in rewind (Throw it back for me)
[02:38.02]And I might get a little too jealous But you like when I drink from your water
[02:43.67]Makin’ me lose my mental when I see you (Psycho) I never learn from it
[02:51.01]I got a little burn from it (Yeah) I guess this my turn, honey (Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah)
[02:56.02]And I might get a little aggressive Yeah, I might get a little possessive (Baby, baby)
[03:01.37]But you know I got good intentions (I got, you and I, I) And even though you
[03:10.17]Play it very cool I know that you Oh-oh, oh-oh Got intentions
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