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[ar:Anurag Kulkarni & Harika Narayan]
[00:10.53]Tholi saari kaada ee prema
[00:16.38]Eda lona undi nuvvena
[00:21.69]Innallu leni hairana
[00:26.74]Alavatugaane kaligena
[00:32.08]Nee maya lona nee ooha lona
[00:37.39]Nenundipona haayiga
[00:42.99]Nee chupu lona nee navvu lona
[00:48.31]Nenundipona haayiga
[00:53.52]Here we go first times are tough
[00:55.91]Keep falling keep rising
[00:57.14]Go with the flow
[00:58.80]Porabadina tadabadina nilabadata
[01:01.06]Not even my shadows
[01:02.56]Know where I go
[01:04.05]Edhuredatha talapadatha padi padi
[01:05.53]Vidagodatha padagodatha kalabadi
[01:06.77]Won’t let it won’t let it
[01:08.00]Won’t let it go go
[01:09.86]Gelupe naa lakshyame
[01:11.89]Shortcuts excuses levinka lets go
[01:14.98]Padipothunna ninnu chusthune
[01:20.29]Padipothunna premalone
[01:25.60]Padipothunna mellaga nene
[01:30.92]Padipotunna premalone
[01:38.90]Smoky eyes get out of my sight
[01:41.02]Na daari loki evadu raakudadantey
[01:44.47]You be the butterflies
[01:45.69]In my belly hat ke
[01:46.82]I want to be with you antu unte
[01:49.64]Zindagi hain char pal ki
[01:52.03]Seize the day tappa options leve
[01:54.77]Tappadhe tippale vachina taggalene
[01:57.32]Kick it now punch it now
[01:58.81]Do it now lets go
[02:21.45]Manasaguthunda nuvvunte
[02:26.78]Katha maaripodha kalisunte
[02:32.35]Manasemi andho vinamante
[02:37.67]Manakemayindho telusante
[02:42.98]Dhari cherutunte edhalone
[02:48.29]Oka yudhamedho modhalaithe
[02:53.62]Dooralu kuda ika paine
[02:58.93]Dooranga poyi okataithe

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