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DICE Lyrics Download by NMIXX - Read, Copy & Download LRC or PDF file

Read, Copy, Download Simple Lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of DICE is a Korean song from the album "" and this song is sung by NMIXX. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is [02:45.80]. You can also download lyrics here in PDF (.pdf) format.

Song Information
CreatorJun (LRC Software)
Published2022-09-19 22:26:14
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[00:08.38](Don't be afraid), Ha-ha-ha, Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha
[00:14.88]Beonjjeok tteun nuneul kkamppak, Meorin pingpingping dora
[00:18.50]Sangsangdo mothan drama, Cheot sceneeul jjigeobol time (Go, go)
[00:22.64]Ije got sijakdoel challenge (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)
[00:24.65]Ama swipjineun anketji (Woo)
[00:26.37]Ginjanghae paengpaenghage, baby, Vamos, amigos
[00:30.00]Yeah-eh-eh-eh (I wanna go), Muhanhi pyeolchyeojin universe
[00:33.98]Sa-a-a-ai (I wanna know), Kkeullineun cardreul dwijibeo
[00:37.44]Gomineun nope, eoseo pick it, Ilbuteo Nkkaji seontaekae bwa
[00:40.89]O.O, gidaedwae na, N-now, open it up (What a surprise)
[00:44.95]Jeo haneul wireul surfin', I badatsogeul flyin'
[00:48.40]Modeun geol pyeolchyeodo joa, Are you ready?
[00:52.12]All in now sijakae bwa, Gwagamhajiman taeyeonhage start it
[00:58.59]Let, let, let's roll the dice, yeah, Pandoreul dwijibeo wanjeonhi
[01:02.47]Deonjyeobwa, nice shot, Unmyeongeun i sonane, baby
[01:06.62]Nunape yeollin sesangui yeah, Urireul gidaehae
[01:11.86]So tell me what you want, Where you wanna go?
[01:14.14]NMIXX, change up (Let's go)
[01:17.06]Big wave, big wave, pihaji ma (Hey)
[01:19.60]Break it up, break it up, matseo eoseo, Heeomchyeo deo nopeun pado wiro
[01:24.12]Jom deo yuyeonhage troubledeureul dribblehae and pass it
[01:27.30]Perfect tenboda nopeun number (Number)
[01:29.86]Geu isangeul hyanghae jump up (Yeah)
[01:32.15]Hyeonsil gateun dreameun ijen ppajyeonawa
[01:34.70]Kkaeeonado kkaeeona deo sumyeon wireul nara fly high, (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
[01:41.57]Geu nugudo gaji aneun mijiui camino, So excitin', I'm so excited
[01:48.65]I banjeonui banjeonui banjeoneul gidaehae, baby
[01:52.54]Would you go with me? (Let's roll the dice)
[01:56.00]Jeo gureum sogeul divin', I pado wireul ridin'
[01:59.71]Mari jom an doemyeon eottae?, No more waitin'
[02:03.43]All in now da georeobwa, Gominhal pillyodo eopseo go get it
[02:10.24]Put 'em up, We go up, We NMIXX, Don't fall asleep no more
[02:19.98]You should come on board, Seodulleo sigani eopseo, baby
[02:24.62]Let, let, let's roll the dice, yeah, Hamkke mandeureoganeun score
[02:28.50]Joasseo nice shot, yeah, Ttarajabeul su eomneun number
[02:32.64]Sangsangeul ttwieoneomeul segye
[02:36.51]Would you go with me?, Let's roll the dice
[02:39.97]Ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha

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Who is the singer of "DICE" song?

NMIXX have sung the song "DICE".

Which album is 'DICE' song from?


In which language is 'DICE' song composed?

'DICE' song is composed in Korean language.

What is the official duration of 'DICE' song?

The official duration of 'DICE' is 02:45.80.

Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permision. This is only for your personal use.

Does this lrc file perfectly match with the official song?

Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e: +10.. or -10..).