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[ti:Livin Wild]
[by:RC Lyrics Band]
[00:01.99]Why me, baby?
[00:03.53]You know every day, we livin’ life
[00:06.23]Up and downs and shit, goin’ through shit
[00:07.82]Going through changes, and you know what I’m sayin’ (Why me, baby?)
[00:10.59]Real life shit
[00:17.06]Why, why me, baby?
[00:21.62]Why me, baby?
[00:24.02]I just left the hospital, might need another liver
[00:26.82]Kidney failures, I tell you this shit couldn’t be more realer
[00:29.48]My body and drugs too familiar so it’s hard to clear my system
[00:32.39]This shit get hard on a nigga, I hardly show my feelings
[00:35.42]Look up to see stars, but I’m realizing God in the ceiling
[00:38.33]I been getting high inconsistent, but you tryna show me different
[00:41.37]Judging me for trying the whippets, I’m tired of the critics
[00:44.41]But I can’t cap, I ain’t feel it, but this time I done did it
[00:47.21]The doc didn’t care who the richest, I need to be admitted
[00:49.96]I been living wild
[00:55.28]Why me, baby? Why?
[00:59.56]Wanna know why the reason on why I have my reasons?
[01:02.36]Reason why they ain’t tell me it was pneumonia season
[01:05.15]These police won’t never save us, that’s why I run with heathens
[01:08.31]God say you want me to say it, you gotta take it easy
[01:11.12]I’m tryna stack it like layers and keep it extra cheesy
[01:13.90]I had stepped back from these rappers, these niggas actin’ greedy
[01:16.94]I’m gon’ say no, I don’t owe you, don’t care if you really need it
[01:19.74]Sometimes you gotta show you ain’t no ho, ain’t talking ’bout no bob and weaving
[01:22.94]Niggas know I got love for PO and Debo, must I repeat it?
[01:25.83](Niggas know I got love for PO and Debo, must I repeat it?)
[01:28.68]Wake up, hear the [?], folks say let’s go, then I repeat it
[01:32.13]Take a look at my bro and I know we gotta eat
[01:35.07]You a rockstar lit soldier, I hope you don’t never leave me
[01:37.99]Codeine all in your colon, you got that shit and squeeze
[01:41.03]Fucked up, can’t control it, you steady rollin’ weed
[01:44.01]Everyone said they told you and you ain’t takin’ heed
[01:48.22]I been living wild
[01:48.61]Why me, baby?
[01:51.50]I been living wild
[01:54.54]Why me, baby?
[02:00.34]I been living wild, Why me, baby?
[02:10.14]Run that back, Turbo

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