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INTRO (Two Eagles) Lyrics Download by Lyrical Joe - Read, Copy & Download LRC or PDF file

Read, Copy, Download Simple Lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of INTRO (Two Eagles) is a English song from the album "INTRO (Two Eagles)" and this song is sung by Lyrical Joe. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is [04:30.73]. You can also download lyrics here in PDF (.pdf) format.

Song Information
TitleINTRO (Two Eagles)
Singer/'sLyrical Joe
AlbumINTRO (Two Eagles)
CategoryLyrical Joe
CreatorJun (LRC Software)
Published2023-09-04 21:32:17
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Lyrical Joe - INTRO (Two Eagles) Lyrics

[ti:INTRO (Two Eagles)]
[ar:Lyrical Joe]
[al:INTRO (Two Eagles)]
[00:00.24]Two eagles doing justice to freedom
[00:02.73]If they ask for my my language, tell the people I speak wisdom
[00:05.50]And If they ever write the Bible again, then I'll be the on
[00:08.40]A wise man with the songs, the return of king Solomon
[00:11.54](A Town on it)
[00:12.70]The limelight really sour
[00:13.96]But I really wanna fly, that's my passion every hour
[00:16.94]Our faith in fake numbers, that's the celebrity cover
[00:20.00]We've been blind, so we are buyin' views, so we can see the future
[00:22.77]RIP to dead Homies, sad you had to leave alone
[00:25.68]But you know It's a borrowed life, so when we leave, we leave alone
[00:28.70]It's emotional bankruptcy, how I always felt alone
[00:31.53]Medusa looked into my chest, and now my heart is made of stone
[00:34.50](Made of stone)
[00:35.63]Different shows of life, and I'm the host
[00:37.50]We don't wanna hear you breath, if opinions are like noses
[00:40.19]I'm like, "Bro!", Different pictures of life I propose
[00:43.45]It's the photo album, if you are ready please strike your poses
[00:46.35]Fan foolery when the people back you like doggystyle
[00:49.10]But I'm visionary enough to know life is missionary
[00:51.99]Very bright, but became brighter when they took us light
[00:55.60]My second eye had a third eye to see a foresights
[00:57.99]And since this life is a bitch, I'm very sure it's her I see
[01:00.92]Her kitty shaped in a designer form, she got the Louis V
[01:03.81]To F with rich people raw, until they catch a disease
[01:06.41]While obesity is the only way the poor is gettin' big
[01:09.55]This is to my sis and my bros, just know you are so important
[01:12.62]If your obstacles are big as elephants, then just import ants
[01:15.56]It's important to make sure that you're savin' dough
[01:18.34]In life's account, if you don't have money, then you're living dormant
[01:21.32]To our mamas, your children're out here to bring the bread and butter
[01:24.14]So make it your cup of tea on our behalf to say a prayer
[01:27.12]They paint us black, yellow, green, white. no LGBTQ
[01:29.88]But tell the painter, I'm a rainbow, every color, my true color
[01:33.80]Go goers, flow poets, administer pro prowess
[01:36.20]Hot as summer, but I'm winter when I give them cold shoulders
[01:38.92]Show me a time of rap in Africa that Ghana wasn't part
[01:41.79]When you Niggas cappin', I just hope you use a thinkin' cap
[01:44.91]When I came on the scene, they said my style won't be seen, right?
[01:47.67]But I hipped-hop, 'til I reached the height of a hipped life
[01:50.61]Took my ingredient to Hell's Kitchen just to cook life
[01:53.43]They say, "You are what you eat", and I've been on strict diet
[01:56.41]This is sweet and rich, and that's the greatness I naturalize
[01:59.10]Flowin' honey and milk, the land God promised Israelites
[02:02.80]They criticize what they don't understand, but damn it, we decide
[02:05.20]If a hommie choosin' violence, then I'm on the homie's side
[02:08.26]Hell yeah! Oh, I didn't expect them to like us
[02:11.30]With all these bars I land on verses like rikers
[02:14.19]Top five wouldn't survive against us in cyphers
[02:16.95]But y'all supporters are underwears, fightin' like boxers
[02:19.69]Its crazy boy, I'm a Ghanaian treated like a Nigerian
[02:22.84]'Cause fuck boys see you in public and say, "You're fire, boy"
[02:25.76]Go behind doors and tell them, "Please don't work with Joe boy"
[02:28.71]But I'm still a giant with the fire, I'ma burn a boy
[02:31.60]My head is heavy from the crown of thongs
[02:33.41]I'm beefin' with my pen if you diss me and I don't write a song
[02:36.37]Since I came, it will take a minute for someone else to come
[02:39.10]Meaning they won't be fuckin' long here, I mean they don't belong
[02:42.89]Here, I been killin' this comparisons, I want smoke like chimneys
[02:46.27]Are you kiddin'? These rappers claim they big but I see mini mes
[02:49.10]I got energies from different other worlds, are you seein' me?
[02:52.15]Gettin' reed of these legs, nigga, I'm allergic to defeat
[02:55.16]Everyone has a battle, my nigga, it's time to fight yours
[02:58.36]Everyone is givin' out the flows, you can pipe yours
[03:01.17]Find faith in the ink, the wrongs you can write yours
[03:04.28]Holy with the pen, dependin' on how you write yours
[03:07.14]'Cause it's the photo album, please, can you get everybody off my vicinity?
[03:10.53]The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost writer, this is bars from the Trinity
[03:13.82]Let's get serious here, the god in the building, no entertainin' any comedy
[03:17.21]I know we got options, but my name is Wisely, now go ahead and choose wisely
[03:20.55]If you free we can kick it
[03:21.89]Meet me in the corner too, we can kick it
[03:23.69]Started achievin' my own goals in my 18s
[03:25.42]They can never play my heart tricky
[03:26.74]The question is, what the hell is underrated?
[03:28.43]'Cause, when I was under, I was highly rated
[03:30.60]We overdid it, can't be overrated
[03:31.54]To the point when it's over, we will still be rated
[03:34.21]They aim with a shot from a rooftop thinkin' the boy will fade
[03:36.80]But you can never Wesley snipe me, nigga, I'm sharper than blade
[03:39.15]My name is my name, and I still got my name if you take away the fame
[03:41.65]Controllin' the game with my hand on your neck like chain
[03:43.88]Listen, I'm black where every day is Friday and still my price don't change
[03:46.95]My pen is religious, Christian like Ronaldo, I dribble with scriptures
[03:49.71]Brief me when I lose a case in a court
[03:51.24]Only God can judge, Jehovah, my witness
[03:53.13]Oh lord, I got Nemesis 6
[03:54.54]Who got enough artillery to murder this beast
[03:56.00]Brought the healing to the music, you can meditate this
[03:57.56]See, you better keep fit, I'm about to dismiss, Amen
[04:00.67]Blessin' the womb of my mom, I took an award with my birthday song
[04:04.14]Then I saw jealousy and hatred coming my way, I took them on
[04:07.47]Married to the game, not a wife beater, even when I put a singlet on
[04:10.37]You see this industry is a spar, and I want a massage, but they rub me wrong
[04:13.65]Damn! They want me gone
[04:15.69]They talk, "Eish" on the radio, the same frequency I F 'em on
[04:18.60]Might take a minute, but it won't be long
[04:20.50]007, my word is bond
[04:22.67]The goat is here
[04:23.47]Please relax while I bring to you every album song, beast
[04:26.60](A Town on it)

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Who is the singer of "INTRO (Two Eagles)" song?

Lyrical Joe have sung the song "INTRO (Two Eagles)".

Which album is 'INTRO (Two Eagles)' song from?

INTRO (Two Eagles).

In which language is 'INTRO (Two Eagles)' song composed?

'INTRO (Two Eagles)' song is composed in English language.

What is the official duration of 'INTRO (Two Eagles)' song?

The official duration of 'INTRO (Two Eagles)' is 04:30.73.

Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permision. This is only for your personal use.

Does this lrc file perfectly match with the official song?

Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e: +10.. or -10..).