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[ar:Brent Faiyaz]
[00:09.73]I was outside everyday, trying to make it home to you babe
[00:14.91]When I get all this, it’s gon’ be amazing When we get it on, it’s amazing
[00:19.97]Let’s talk about us, if you’d hear me out (Oh-woah)
[00:23.33]They only love me ’cause they see me getting money now
[00:25.94]Fuck the whole front row at the show with you baby
[00:30.61]Don’t nobody, got you like I do (But you know that) Can’t nobody patch you up like do (Haha)
[00:41.12]I know your flaws, I know what makes who you are girl (What you are about)
[00:47.00]I wish I had all the answers, to do your part
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