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[ti:Girls Need Love]
[ar:Summer Walker & Drake]
[by:RC Lyrics Band]
[00:21.05]Honestly, I’m tryin’ to stay focused
[00:25.94]You must think I’ve got to be joking when I say
[00:30.97]I don’t think I can wait
[00:33.38]I just need it now, better swing my way
[00:38.37]I just need some dick, I just need some love
[00:43.38]Tired of fucking with these lame niggas, baby
[00:45.87]I just need a thug
[00:48.37]Won’t you be my plug? Ayy
[00:50.77]You could be the one, ayy
[00:53.40]We could start with a handshake, baby
[00:55.80]I’ma need more than a hug
[00:58.19]Girls can’t never say they want it
[01:00.58]Girls can’t never say how
[01:03.08]Girls can’t never say they need it
[01:05.58]Girls can’t never say now
[01:08.08]Girls can’t never say they want it
[01:10.83]Girls can’t never say how
[01:13.08]Girls can’t never say they need it
[01:15.57]Girls can’t never say now, oh now
[01:19.33]Give it to me like you need it, baby
[01:22.36]Want you to hear me screaming, heavy breathing
[01:24.52]I don’t need a reason, baby
[01:27.30]I want it ’til you can’t fight
[01:29.19]I can give it to you right, babe, oh
[01:32.08]I wanna be your healing
[01:34.47]I can be real good
[01:37.02]Please don’t get in your feelings
[01:39.57]Ayy, I need some lo-o-o-o-ove
[01:44.66]Ayy, I need some lo-o-o-o-ove
[01:49.58]Ayy, I need some lo-o-o-o-ove
[01:54.36]Ayy, and you can’t judge (I won’t)
[01:59.96]You don’t really call on me like you should
[02:04.85]Link up, I’ll roll through the hood
[02:07.51]Problems, but everything’s all good, my love
[02:11.25]Your nigga doesn’t want smoke with me, nah, no way
[02:15.00]Trust me, it’s all okay, trust me, it’s all
[02:20.00]You just need some, someone that’s calm and patient
[02:24.76]Submission, domination
[02:27.25]Arched back, deep stroke
[02:28.64]White wine, weed smoke
[02:29.79]That’s my best combination
[02:32.29]You just need some dick with no complications
[02:37.28]You just need some, you just need some
[02:42.17]Late night attention, uncondition
[02:45.82]All that you’re missing, my babe
[02:50.69]Fucked up, shouldn’t even have to justify
[02:54.33]I get it, I’m on your side, guys get their way all the time
[03:00.58]Besides, pleasure not meant for one side
[03:04.33]You should just do what’s best for your mind
[03:06.82]How ’bout I just take my time?
[03:10.58]You call up my line, I fall up inside you
[03:15.45]Girls need love, too, I know
[03:18.24]Girls need love, too (Yeah)
[03:20.39]Girls, girls need love, too (Ooh)
[03:22.93]Girls need love (Let me tell you something)
[03:25.48]Girls need love (Girls need loving, too, yeah yeah yeah)
[03:28.20]Girls need love, too
[03:30.34]Girls need love, too
[03:31.48](So what’s a girl to do when she needs loving, too?)
[03:33.00]Girls need love, too
[03:34.64]Girls need love, too

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