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[ti:Major Distribution]
[ar:Drake & 21 Savage]
[al:Her Loss]
[00:00.41]No, no, no, no, no, no, No, no, no, no, no
[00:11.19]Major distribution, man, my label on my dick, for real
[00:17.20]Fuckin’ with your friend and she ain’t tell you, y’all ain’t shit, for real
[00:22.97]I’ve been out here crushin’ on success, now she my bitch, for real
[00:28.81]You say I’m persuasive, girl, but you can’t spell that shit, for real
[00:35.09]Hmm, hmm, in this mansion, I’ma call it cockin’
[00:38.52]Paid in full, I’m a car five, Know your tired, we just did dinner for three hours
[00:42.47]Lyin’ to me all night, Buyin’ Benz Benzes out of spite
[00:45.55]Paid a hundred, ran up somethin’ light, Simple price to keep ’em out my life
[00:49.27]Booby Trap, we need a business office, Magic City need a business office
[00:52.99]Twenty-nine, I keep a business office, I’m in love with Houston, Dallas, Austin
[00:56.70]Tell your guys to hold off on the team
[00:58.56]Changed, seem like they may need money for coffins
[01:00.35]Cuban girl, a fan of grindin’ coffee, Text me on the signal, don’t call me
[01:04.37]Hmm, hmm, major distribution, labels call me
[01:07.72]Bad Bunny numbers, it’s a robbery, Five-hundred million, just for Aubrey
[01:11.17]Hmm, hmm, yeah, major distribution how I pop it
[01:15.15]Mention me to be the hottest topic, Same place you singin’, bitch, you shoppin’
[01:19.03]Okay, go stupid, go stupid, Go stupid, go stupid, Go stupid, go stupid
[01:25.31]Okay, okay, go stupid, stupid, Go stupid, go stupid
[01:29.82]Go stupid, go stupid, Go stupid, okay
[01:33.34]Nigga tried to play this shit light, play it cool, play me like I’m sweet
[01:36.95]Fuckin’ on an opp nigga bitch, say she miss the golds in my teeth
[01:40.68]4L, know we steppin’, y’all should get the funeral prepared
[01:44.12]SF90, this is not McLaren, make an IG model run my errands
[01:47.84]He gon’ miss and we gon’ spin his parents, stayed in Houston long as Steve Francis
[01:51.74]Shoot his feet, got him doin’ dances, wiggin’ niggas like I play they Kansas
[01:55.20]Ever seen somebody get shot? Lot of shit I seen before the top
[01:58.91]I ain’t tryna wrestle like The Rock, fuck the trish, I’d rather sip the wock
[02:02.63]Lot of things I do to stay alive, everythin’ itself a colored car
[02:06.34]Savage still let his gun pop, FOX 5 gang, get you knocked
[02:09.80]Major distribution, labels callin’, Harry Styles numbers, it’s a robbery
[02:13.53]My niggas go insane to catch a body, we was face to face, you could’ve shot to me
[02:17.39]Okay, go stupid, go stupid, Go stupid, go stupid, Go stupid, go stupid
[02:23.93]Okay, okay, go stupid, stupid, Go stupid, go stupid
[02:28.45]Go stupid, go stupid, Go stupid, okay
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