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Dancing With A Stranger Lyrics Download by Sam Smith, Normani - Read, Copy & Download LRC or PDF file

Read, Copy, Download Simple Lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of Dancing With A Stranger is a English song from the album "Dancing With A Stranger (With Normani) [Acoustic)" and this song is sung by Sam Smith, Normani. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is [03:07.62]. You can also download lyrics here in PDF (.pdf) format.

Song Information
TitleDancing With A Stranger
Singer/'sSam Smith, Normani
AlbumDancing With A Stranger (With Normani) [Acoustic)
CategorySam Smith
CreatorJun (LRC Software)
Published2023-07-11 17:21:12
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Sam Smith, Normani - Dancing With A Stranger Lyrics

[ti:Dancing With A Stranger]
[ar:Sam Smith, Normani]
[al:Dancing With A Stranger (With Normani) [Acoustic)]
[00:00.10]The trouble with schools is
[00:02.20]They always try to teach the wrong lesson
[00:07.80]Believe me, I've been kicked out
[00:09.43]Of enough of them to know
[00:13.69]They want you to become less callow
[00:15.64]Less shallow
[00:17.67]But I say: why invite stress in?
[00:21.59]Stop studying strife
[00:25.23]And learn to live "the unexamined life"...
[00:39.00]Dancing through life
[00:41.80]Skimming the surface
[00:43.28]Gliding where turf is smooth
[00:47.53]Life's more painless
[00:49.50]For the brainless
[00:51.70]Why think too hard?
[00:53.42]When it's so soothing
[00:55.97]Dancing through life
[00:57.76]No need to tough it
[00:59.96]When you can sluff it off as I do
[01:03.89]Nothing matters
[01:05.91]But knowing nothing matters
[01:08.77]It's just life
[01:10.47]So keep dancing through...
[01:16.38]Dancing through life
[01:18.56]Swaying and sweeping
[01:20.42]And always keeping cool
[01:24.77]Life is fraught-less
[01:26.58]When you're thoughtless
[01:28.68]Those who don't try
[01:30.73]Never look foolish
[01:33.10]Dancing through life
[01:35.40]Mindless and careless
[01:36.99]Make sure you're where less
[01:39.40]Trouble is rife
[01:41.20]Woes are fleeting
[01:42.93]Blows are glancing
[01:45.43]When you're dancing
[01:48.45]Through life...
[01:57.28]So-what's the most swankified place in town?
[02:01.82]That would be the Ozdust Ballroom.
[02:03.81]Sounds perfect.
[02:05.81]Let's go down to the Ozdust Ballroom
[02:10.16]We'll meet there later tonight
[02:14.49]We can dance till it's light
[02:17.17]Find the prettiest girl...
[02:20.20]Give her a whirl
[02:22.26]Right on down to the Ozdust Ballroom
[02:26.90]Come on
[02:27.83]Follow me
[02:30.18]You'll be happy to be there...
[02:34.45]Dancing Through Life
[02:36.40]Down at the Ozdust...
[02:38.61]If only because dust
[02:40.46]Is what we come to
[02:42.53]Nothing matters
[02:44.52]But knowing nothing matters
[02:47.14]It's just life...
[02:53.36]So keep dancing through...
[02:59.45]Miss Galinda, I hope you'll save at least one dance for me. I'll be right here. Waiting. All night.
[03:04.57]Oh-that's so kind. But you know what would be even kinder?
[03:10.84]See that tragic'ly beautiful girl
[03:14.31]The one in the chair
[03:16.77]It seems so unfair
[03:19.58]We should go on a spree
[03:21.20]And not she
[03:23.26]I know someone would be my hero
[03:26.59]If that someone were
[03:29.45]To go invite her...
[03:32.19]Well maybe, I could invite her?
[03:34.97]Oh, Biq, really?
[03:37.52]You would do that for me?
[03:41.60]I would do anything for you Miss Galinda.
[03:46.70]So I'll be picking you up around eight?
[03:49.58]After all-
[03:51.26]Now that we've met one another
[03:54.69]It's clear we deserve each other
[03:58.13]You're perfect...
[03:59.85]You're perfect...
[04:00.83]So we're perfect together
[04:03.30]Born to be forever...
[04:06.30]Dancing Through Life...
[04:13.39]Oh, Elphaba-Isn't it wonderful?
[04:19.24]Fin'lly for this one night
[04:21.49]I'm about to have a fun night
[04:24.57]With this Munchkin boy
[04:26.54]Galinda found for me
[04:29.80]And I only wish there were
[04:32.17]Something I could do for her
[04:35.70]To repay her
[04:37.69]Elphaba, see
[04:40.63]We deserve each other
[04:43.29]And Galinda helped it come true
[04:47.23]We deserve each other
[04:49.49]Me and Boq -
[04:51.19]Please, Elphaba, try to understand.
[04:53.85]I do...
[04:59.44]Galinda, listen. Nessa and I were talking about you just now.
[05:02.10]And I was just talking about you. I thought you might want to wear this hat to the party tonight!
[05:06.79]It's really-uh-sharp
[05:09.47]Don't you think?
[05:10.88]You know black is this year's pink
[05:13.32]You deserve each other
[05:15.80]This hat and you
[05:17.60]You're both so smart
[05:19.45]You deserve each other
[05:21.91]So here
[05:23.25]Out of the goodness of my heart
[06:17.34]Listen, Nessa
[06:20.53]Uh, Nessa.
[06:21.72]I've got something to confess, a
[06:24.37]Reason why, well-
[06:26.57]Why I asked you here tonight
[06:29.32]Now I know it isn't fair...
[06:32.41]Oh, Boq. I know why.
[06:34.79]You do?
[06:36.11]It's because I'm in this chair
[06:39.16]And you felt sorry for me
[06:41.81]Well isn't that right?
[06:43.63]No! no! It's because... uh... because...
[06:47.10]Because you are so beautiful
[06:50.60]Oh, Boq! I think you're wonderful!
[06:53.88]And we deserve each other
[06:56.49]Don't you see, this is our chance?
[07:00.85]We deserve each other
[07:03.30]Don't we, Boq?
[07:04.89]You know what?
[07:06.74]Let's dance!
[07:10.43]Let's Dance!
[07:11.86]Dancing Through Life
[07:12.91]Down at the Ozdust
[07:14.80]If only because dust
[07:16.71]Is what we come to
[07:18.77]And the strange thing:
[07:20.50]Your life could end up changing
[07:22.68]While you're dancing

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Who is the singer of "Dancing With A Stranger" song?

Sam Smith, Normani have sung the song "Dancing With A Stranger".

Which album is 'Dancing With A Stranger' song from?

Dancing With A Stranger (With Normani) [Acoustic).

In which language is 'Dancing With A Stranger' song composed?

'Dancing With A Stranger' song is composed in English language.

What is the official duration of 'Dancing With A Stranger' song?

The official duration of 'Dancing With A Stranger' is 03:07.62.

Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permision. This is only for your personal use.

Does this lrc file perfectly match with the official song?

Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e: +10.. or -10..).