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[ti:Broke in a Minute]
[ar:Tory Lanez]
[00:01.45]Yeah, ah, word to Mazi, nigga, ah, Fuck these niggas talkin’ ’bout, nigga?, Haha
[00:08.68]When they swing that way to the right, You swing to the left, you heard?, Papiyerr,
[00:16.19]Woo, damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute, don’t get offended
[00:20.35]Tore off the bow in a Bentley, fucking your hoe in her kidney
[00:23.27]Fuck up the city, I do not dance, I jiggy, Gun is tucked under this Fendi
[00:27.26]I like it, I spend it, I just came right out the jeweller
[00:29.82]The ice on my neck and my wrist and my fist, I ain’t finished
[00:32.38]I was just workin’ at Denny’s, Came back and counted some millions, I ain’t go regular civillian
[00:36.90]Red, yellow, green, look like my neck a chameleon, Ugh, okay, spin it, ugh
[00:41.67]Damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute, I hit his bitch, he offended
[00:45.40]I’m in Givenchy and Fendi, Bitch, let me finish, I got that Chevy for four days
[00:49.29]My scammer bussing bottles off the ’08, I cannot cuff, she fucking on my brozay
[00:53.43]I’m just gon’ fuck her, treat her like a throwaway
[00:55.20]Ooh, damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute, I’m at the mall out in Venice
[00:59.18]I need it, swiping the digits, Calling up Kelz, hitting up 250 on biddy
[01:03.17]It ain’t no biggie, uh, Moncler, kick it, Fucked that lil’ bih, made a viddy
[01:07.30]She wanna leak it, She wanna send it, Ayy, fuck that bitch, my face wasn’t in it
[01:11.71]Damn, bitch do scams on bitty, Bands in my hand look pretty
[01:15.16]Hit another band on the ‘Gram, I’m litty, When I was broke, man, she fronted
[01:18.58]But then I got rich and I hit it, Homie, I don’t dance, I jiggy
[01:21.83]Weed is so strong, I feel like I’m Popeye off the spinach
[01:24.12]I cut the corner and bend it, Bitch, I’m a menace like Dennis
[01:27.31]Don’t sell me pussy, I need a percentage, If you gon’ fuck me, the shit is expensive
[01:31.30]Nordstrom Rack, swipe my giffy, Damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute, ayy (Woo, woo, woo)
[01:37.83]I ain’t been broke in a minute, damn (Woo), I ain’t been broke in a minute (Woo, woo, woo)
[01:45.16]Damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute (Woo), Damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute, damn
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