$UICIDEBOY$ - YIN YANG TAPES- Summer Season (1989-1990)

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[ti:Bloody 98]
[ar:$uicideboy$, Ghostemane]
[al:YIN YANG TAPES: Summer Season (1989-1990)]
[00:01.17]You did good, $lick, It’s a Smash!
[00:02.71]Killas off South Parkway, South Memphis, South
[00:05.30]Killas off South Parkway, South Memphis, Killas
[00:08.40]Killas off South Parkway, South Memphis, South
[00:11.32]Killas off South Parkway, South Memphis, Killas
[00:14.38]Killas off South Parkway, South Memphis, South
[00:16.92]Killas off South Parkway, South Memphis, Killas
[00:19.73]Killas off South Parkway, South Memphis, South
[00:20.00]Killas off South Parkway, South Memphis, Killas
[00:22.84]Killer with that AK, get this motherfucker bussin’
[00:25.79]Tell a hoe to get the fuck if she ain’t here to suck it
[00:28.59]Creepin’ on a come up, I got fam that need some funding
[00:31.79]I’m ducking and drugging and sipping that tussin and bloating up my stomach
[00:34.57]I need the D, the O, the P, the E
[00:37.37]Riding clean, the G, the L, E sixty-three
[00:40.23]Oowee, see chicken heads, they fiend for me
[00:43.24]Young north, S-I-D-E W-E-T, bitch
[00:46.64]Yeah motherfucker, it’s grey-grey-grеy (Northside)
[00:49.33]Wetto in this bitch, motherfuckеr (Five nine)
[00:52.27]V 2 in the booth with a Glock loaded
[00:54.68]Off so many meds, am I coming or I’m going?
[00:57.90]Fuck an interview, mane, I’m too raw to sugar coat it
[01:00.44]See a dead man walking, next election he’ll be voting
[01:03.41]Pimp on a track, mix dope with the crack
[01:06.17]I might slide, camo mask, turn your hood to Iraq
[01:08.87]Bury suckers, fuck a groupie, that’s the truth, I feel like Gucci
[01:12.38]I got 99 problems and not one of you’s gonna shoot me
[01:15.18]Nah, nah, nah, that ain’t it
[01:16.63]That ain’t it, get him, fuck, fuck, fuck
[01:18.21]Are you in, motherfucker? Let me know or keep your mouth shut
[01:21.13]Slicky make a million every time I give that mouse touch
[01:23.80]Slicky whip that wrist and make a motherfucking ounce jump
[01:27.20]Wetto make a bitch play hard to get and get her mouth fucked
[01:29.83]Sick motherfucker, no mind motherfucker
[01:32.64]That white trash, high taxed, dying motherfucker
[01:35.54]Tell the world eat my dick, I’m a prick motherfucker
[01:38.22]Life Hell, tough shit, I’m the bic motherfucker
[01:41.27]Fully loaded choppa, knew this bitch who lived on Tchoupitoulas
[01:44.49]Bitch seemed like an opportunist
[01:45.97]Flocking just to jock my new shit, stopped in Houston
[01:47.99]Belly looking swollen, better stop abusing Wock and chewing Fent
[01:51.37]Yeah, all my teeth are fucking rotten
[01:53.60]Cruising down your block, and you know Blanco lighting blunts of herb
[01:55.78]Carefully choose your words, unless you’d rather bite the fucking curb
[01:58.55]What’s the word? What you fuckin’ heard?
[02:00.43]Blanco smite the herd
[02:01.62]Fuck your bitch until her spine is curved
[02:03.38]Blanco spiked your nerves, uh
[01:59.87]Oh shit, Blanco, Blanco, Blanco, oh shit
[02:09.14]Bitches on my dick like a love bug
[02:12.76]Tryna get the claws up in me like a fucking mud bug
[02:15.16]Bitch, I’m a smug thug
[02:17.35]Calling up my young plug
[02:18.61]Playin’ all that smoke is gonna make me get my lungs scrubbed
[02:21.57]I need a breath of fresh air, splash some water on my face
[02:24.71]Looking back on my mistakes, regretting them is such a waste
[02:27.87]Keep it pimpin’, move it forward like I’m running just to race, yeah
[02:31.13]Devil right behind me like I finished first place, uh
[02:33.68]Wow, oh my god
[02:35.21]What the fuck
[02:36.55]All of these haters keep pushing, thinking that be me
[02:38.83]All of my steeze
[02:39.82]Spreading my wings, but I ain’t taking anyone under them
[02:41.47]Why can’t I just glide in peace?
[02:42.26]Using these drugs to release
[02:43.45]Fucking these bitches for free
[02:44.41]Flirting with death, I keep promising things
[02:46.80]When’s he gonna know that I’m a tease and I’m just tryna get a lil sleep?
[02:47.53]Capitalizing the G
[02:48.89]F to the I to the V to the E
[02:50.30]N to the I to the N to the E
[02:51.52]To the F to the O to the R to the L to the I to the F to the E
[02:54.28]For my gang, I will do anything (Anything)
[02:56.79]For my gang, I will do everything (Everything)
[03:00.00]Creepin’ out my mothafuckin’ rut
[03:01.32]Picking up all my guts and the blood I let flood through the gutters
[03:05.62]I’m ready to make a break out and take out all of the things
[03:08.72]I gotta put my scope on, now I’m bout ta put my red dot on and then
[03:11.70]Snipe, every one of them fuckers that wanted to believe the hype
[03:14.90]I’ma go psycho and then I’ll never take another look up in my sights
[03:16.97]I’m put a green light on my $uicide
[03:18.57]Let my wrist leak my fluids out
[03:20.00]Never gonna be another realer than the black mage or the G59
[03:21.71]Any other motherfucker is chillin’ in the backstage or a sideline, bitch
[03:26.17]Killas off South Parkway, South Memphis, South-
[03:28.61]Yeah, sliding in my ’69 Camaro SS
[03:31.42]Got my dime in my lap, Glock cocked in her breast
[03:34.64]Got the 12’s in the trunk, turn it up and let it bump
[03:37.24]Mossberg shotty pump rattle when the bass thump
[03:40.21]Oh, oh, I’ma let it go, go
[03:42.76]I’m the one ya never wanna turn your back on
[03:46.80]All of them haters hatin’ on me, wannabe on what I’m on
[03:48.94]Oh, y’all want me to fall off?
[03:50.56]Oh, that’s too bad ’cause I won’t
[03:52.00]And I’m gonna be there when every one of your souls gets dragged down to Hell
[03:54.59]I don’t need anymore money, I got too much that I cannot even spend
[03:57.43]All y’all be thinkin’ that y’all love a rapper
[03:59.26]But y’all just be following the latest trend
[04:00.67]I’m gettin’ by with the bank
[04:01.85]Don’t got a vibe with a saint
[04:02.86]I’m gonna paint a pic of the blackest of mages
[04:05.10]I’m makin’ everybody question their faith
[04:06.57]G to the H to the O to the S to the T to the E
[04:08.83]M to the A to the N to the E
[03:20.30]B to the L to the A to the C to the K
[04:12.27]To the M to the A-G-E
[04:17.15]Killas off South Parkway

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