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[ar:Ed Sheeran (feat. Armaan Malik)]
[00:09.98]I had a bad week
[00:11.38]Spent the evening pretending it wasn’t that deep
[00:13.94]You could see in my eyes that it was taking over
[00:16.34]I guess I was just blind and caught up in the moment
[00:18.90]You know you take all of my stress right down
[00:21.55]Help me get it off my chest and out
[00:23.96]Into the ether with the rest of this mess that just keeps us depressed
[00:27.26]We forget that we’re here right now
[00:29.46]’Cause we’re living life at a different pace, stuck in a constant race
[00:32.01]Keep the pressure on, you’re bound to break
[00:33.45]Something’s got to change
[00:34.60]We should just be cancelling all our plans, and not give a damn
[00:37.05]If we’re missing out on what the people think is right
[00:39.62]Seeing through a picture behind the screen and forget to be
[00:42.16]Lose the conversation for the message that you’ll never read
[00:44.61]I think maybe you and me
[00:46.05]Oh, we should head out to the place where the music plays
[00:48.54]And then we’ll go all night
[00:51.08]Two-stepping with the woman I love
[00:53.74]All my troubles turn to nothing when I’m in your eyes
[00:56.65]Electrified, we’ll keep turning up and go all night
[01:01.21]Oh, we had dips and falls in our time
[01:03.86]But we know what it feels to be low then up, alone and loved
[01:07.93]And all we need is us to go all
[01:11.11]Night, night
[01:14.01]Two-stepping with the woman I love
[01:16.18]Night, yeah
[01:18.24]All we need is us
[01:19.62]Baatein mujhe kuch hain kehni Roka khudko hai maine kayi baar
[01:24.29]Ab lagta hai bol doon Jinko bhi hai ghalat fehmi
[01:28.19]Chalo unki bhi aankein, ab main khol doon Jo bhi main hoon, mere dum pe
[01:33.23]Haath rakha na kisine mere sarr pe Jeete dil maine kaam se
[01:37.48]Jud gaye hazaaron lakhoon fans, mere nam se
[01:40.04]Dil se jo gaye maine geet to hataaya mujhe unse
[01:43.23]Umar mein hoon chota, thak gaya tha sun sun ke
[01:45.78]Chal jaane de na yaar, mujhe mil gaya tera pyaar
[02:08.36]And all we need is us to go all
[02:11.78]Night, night
[02:14.45]Two-stepping with the woman I love
[02:16.86]Night, yeah
[02:18.77]All we need is us to go all night
[02:21.82]Night, night
[02:24.62]Two-stepping with the woman I love
[02:27.02]Night, yeah
[02:28.81]All we need is us to go all night
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