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[ar:21 Savage ft Summer Walker]
[00:14.31]Got a darkskin girl, 5′ 8″ with the brown eyes
[00:17.96]We been up and down, had a couple crashes but she still ride
[00:21.51]She go to school, got two jobs, drive the same Kia ’cause it still slide
[00:25.43]Work so hard on her off day, she be still tired
[00:28.59]I just wanna take away the pain
[00:30.36]I just wanna put you up on game
[00:32.26]I just wanna help you make you better
[00:33.91]Wish you would’ve never gave it to that lame
[00:35.97]Even if we do our thang, the bond we got can’t be explained
[00:39.87]Girl I’m just speakin’ for future reference, ’cause I understand feelings change
[00:42.65]Yeah, yeah, yeah
[00:43.74]’Cause you’re my little secret (secret)
[00:47.68]That’s how we should keep it (how we should keep it)
[00:51.14]We should never let it go, never let it show
[00:55.95]You’re my, you’re my, oh yeah
[00:58.91]I don’t care what these hoes think that they got goin’ on
[01:02.46]I’ve been here day one, I know what’s goin’ on
[01:06.12]You ain’t gotta try to tell me, like I know my place
[01:09.92]I never went too far, I always find my way
[01:14.48]Back to you
[01:17.40]Ain’t no way I could lose you
[01:20.82]Sometimes it’s just things in life just worth keepin’
[01:24.72]Boy we ain’t creepin’
[01:26.65]I’m just your little secret
[01:32.07]That’s how we should keep it, yeah babe
[01:38.86]’Cause you know and I know
[01:43.19]You’re my little secret (little secret)
[01:46.86]That’s how we should keep it (how we should keep it)
[01:49.97]We should never let it go, never let it show
[01:55.02]You’re my, you’re my, oh yeah
[01:57.34]I hope you had a dream ’bout me
[01:59.23]’Cause I had a dream ’bout you
[02:01.12]Hope you been thinking ’bout me
[02:02.91]’Cause I been thinking ’bout you
[02:04.71]Girl I’m tryna make you my wife
[02:06.62]I done told the thots I’m through
[02:08.39]If you ever leave my side
[02:10.29]I’ma probably lose my cool
[02:12.09]We was in high school and your friends said that it won’t work
[02:16.05]From the sixth grade to the ninth grade, she did my homework
[02:19.75]Put my pistol in your book bag, you ain’t even own a purse
[02:23.45]You done held me down from the jumpstart, you deserve a verse
[02:27.00]You my little secret
[02:28.81]That’s how we gon’ keep it
[02:30.60]Got done gamblin’, feelin’ like Michael, now I’m finna beat it
[02:34.40]’Cause I like a couple pictures on Instagram that don’t mean I’m cheatin’
[02:37.95]’Cause I’m hangin’ out with my dogs late night that don’t mean I’m cheatin’
[02:42.36]You’re my little secret
[02:45.65]And that’s how we should keep it
[02:49.20]We should never let it, never let it show
[02:52.60]’Cause you know and I know
[02:57.01](You’re my little secret) yeah
[03:00.67](That’s how we should keep it) yeah
[03:04.33](We should never let ’em know, never let it show) oh yeah
[03:07.49](If you know, like I know)
[03:09.27](We should never let it go)
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